Ludwig Hart

Ludwig Hart, who over two albums has established himself as our foremost innovator of classic American road rock aesthetics,
has this spring released songs with a sound that is even bigger than on the artist’s breakthrough album, 2021’s “Paloma”. 

The song ‘Less I Try’ has been in constant radio rotation in Sweden, Germany and the UK, and Hart has both appeared on national TV and embarked on a major tour with two successful gigs at The Great Escape in Brighton. Since his self-titled debut album, Hart has slowly but surely, gig by gig, built a fiercely dedicated following. Songs like ‘Purpose of Love’, ‘Stuck On You’ and the Sarah Klang duet ‘Violent Words of Love’ have etched themselves on the minds of anyone who loves straightforward romantic rock with one foot in reality and the other in the big, big dream.


Ludwig Hart’s 1980s-inspired, 'just-get-in-the-car-and-drive-rock' is perfect for getting things going."

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