Grand Mojo

Coming out of two solo projects, Eddie Hultén and Douglas Melin created a platform where they could fuse their styles together; consequently founding Grand Mojo in 2017.

Primarily defined as a rock band, Grand Mojo surely relies on a great chunk of rock tradition, but never without playfully exhausting its boundaries. No Grand Mojo song sounds quite like the other, in fact, you get the full spectrum; from the gloomy “Lifeform” to the light-hearted “C’est La Vie” or “Go Go Mojo Go”.

Visually, Hultén and Melin complement each other surprisingly well. Seeing them together is like witnessing a Swedish version of Slash, sedated by the harshness of colder weather, blending in with a figure that is equal parts Iggy Pop and Dr. Frank-N-Furter. While Hultén is the natural frontman with his acrobatic soul-and-dance-man aesthetic, Melin is rightfully the antagonist with his Jack Daniel’s soaked blues vibe and all black attire. A full Grand Mojo show typically includes at least three or four musicians in the band, while they are equally comfortable with stripped down accoustic shows.

DSC_2836-Exposure 2

A decadent ABBA that mixes well between dance, post-punk, pop & rock'n'roll to land in a landscape between underground and outer space."

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