Grand Mojo

Grand Mojo is a band from Stockholm that relies on a great chunk of rock ‘n’ roll tradition but never without pushing its boundaries. A Grand Mojo show is loud and convincing, with their synergy and chemistry evident on stage. With the music being equal parts glam and grunge as it is desert rock and britpop, the four members complement each other well with their unique styles. Their debut album, to be released on may 17, delivers on what a classic rock ‘n’ roll album should be; no-nonsense songwriting, great riffs and immaculate rock vocals. As it is mixed by Pelle Gunnerfeldt, known for his work with The Hives, Johnossi and Viagra Boys, it won’t disappoint. 

A decadent ABBA that mixes well between dance, post-punk, pop & rock'n'roll to land in a landscape between underground and outer space."

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